When I am sober, I wish I was drunk,
Because there's this chunk, I wish was sunk.


One hope is enough to delude you;
One hope is enough to run fro reality.


Millions of stars,
Yet what stood out were her scars.

Human Nature

No one knows anyone,
Everyone knows some part of everyone,
If these parts were put together,
You'll find that it is not the whole,


Sensed a sound
Chased he felt
Like a squirrel he was
He ran, ran holding his nut
To a safe place

To protect the nut, from the nutcases
'Leave me alone', he cried.


He put on a face that people liked,
But he came home to his pet cats and books, so that's alright.
How he wished, he coud be the original him,
not being judged,
not being fright,
the world where people were like his cats and his loving books,
a perfect blend of the wild and the intellect!


You are being a wrinkle, he said.
I am giving you wrinkles, I repled.


We were conquering the world one day,
And parted our ways the other.
Surprising it is, how soon things could clutter!